1. Do you at 2024 Productions make Custom Beats?

We sure do, the custom beat process is pretty simple.  Custom Beats start out at $150, we require a $75 deposit before we will start the process, we will send a deposit invoice through paypal. After the deposit is paid, you give us a description of the beat you would like, (you can tell us a popular artist song you want us to listen to to get an idea of what you want) and we will give you the first presentation of the beat within 60 hours of deposit.  You will be allow two changes after the initial presentation.  Any changes after the two changes, will be $25 per change.  As the rights goes, all custom beats are sold with exclusive rights, so the exclusive package is included with any custom beats.

2. Do you Sell Exclusive Rights to your Beats on the page?

Yes, all non featured beats are $100  for exclusive rights to indie artist. All Featured Beats cost $175 for exclusive rights. We will soon have the exclusive rights purchase button available on the site. Exclusive Rights allows you to have unlimited rights to use the beat in any fashion or medium you choose, with no attachment to 2024Productions.com in regards to fees, royalties, or any other profits you may obtain using the purchased beats.  The only thing you don’t obtain with the exclusive right is the copyrights to the beat and the right to resell the beat. All beats purchased requires that all distributed works of the beat must show the following legal music credit: Music/Beat Producer -  2024Productions.com.  As soon as payment is received we will take the beat of our page.  If you are interested in exclusive right on any beat fill out the inquiry form at the bottom and will get back to you soon as possible.

3. What is th "Exclusive Rights Package?"

With any purchase of a custom or exclusive beat you will receive a exclusive package.  The package includes the purchased beat tracked in wav format a master of the beat in wav format and the bpm of the beat.  We will package the tracked out beat on cd and the exclusive rights contract and mail it to you USPS.  This package is done at no extra cost to you its just apart of the exclusive or custom beat purchase.

4. What do I get with a FREE MEMBERSHIP?

You will receive access to the free membership section which includes, access to the free video vault, our free sample kit vault, free beats, our news letter, and access to discounted beats.

5. What do I get with a PAID MEMBERSHIP?

You will receive acess to the Paid Membership section which includes, all of the free membership plus, unlimited downloads to all beats on the site, access to our full vidleo vault, access to our full sample kit vault, access to our Artist Corner, Free Myspace Marketing, access to featured beats. Also all beats will include a tag only in the beginning of the beat. NEW FEATURED BEATS ARE ADDED EVERY MONTH

6. How long does my membership last?

Free membership is good for one year. Paid membership is good for 1 month.

7. What is Myspace Marketing?

Every paid member has the option of getting our marketing team to boose your myspace page with 500 plays and views to your site for free. We do offer a myspace boose service for addtional views and plays. For more infor fill out the inquiry form at the bottom of the page.

8. What is Unlimited Downloads?

When you purchase a monthly membership, you will receive instant access to all beats on the site. Before purchase or with free membership the download button is not available, but soon as you get a paid membership after you login you will now see the download button next to every beat. You can download any of the beats as much as you need.

9. What Equipment do you use to make your beats?

Here at 2024 Productions we have a loaded arsenal of equipment we use to make our beats. We use multiple plug ins and vst's integrated with pro tools, reason, or cube base as our midi recording software. We also use thousands of samples and one hits of the highest quality. We have a mastering suite to finalize all our beats to get them sounding as professional as possible.